Olszowa is a village in the eastern part of Opole region, right on the border of the Silesian Voivodship. In terms of transport, the town stands out for its excellent accessibility, resulting from the proximity of one of the main road traffic routes in the southern Poland – the A4 motorway, as well as the location in the vicinity of the Upper-Silesian conurbation – the largest urban area in Poland. Olszowa has its own motorway junction, which ensures its excellent connection with most of the major cities in Poland.

The A4 motorway is a part of the main transport corridor in this part of Europe. It combines the border crossing in Zgorzelec on the German border with Korczowa on the border with Ukraine and is so far the only fully completed motorway in Poland. Thanks to it, there is a good connection with the major cities in the south:

  • Kraków – 146 km (1 godz. 30 min. drive)
  • Wrocław – 130 km (1 hour 15 min. drive)
  • Katowice – 70 km (40 min. drive)
  • Rzeszów – 310 km (2 hours 45 min. drive)
  • Opole – 40 km (30 min. drive)
  • Legnica – 190 km (1 hours 35 min. drive)

At a distance of 45 km (20 minute drive) from Olszowy, near Gliwice, the A4 motorway crosses the A1 motorway, which is the main north-south transport corridor, linking ports on the Baltic Sea with the south of Europe. Currently, the missing section of the motorway between the airport in Katowice-Pyrzowice and Częstochowa is under construction, to be completed by 2019. Even without this investment, via A1 as well as expressways and fast roads Olszowa has a very good connection with Warsaw, as well as other major cities in Poland, Poznań and Gdańsk.

  • Warszawa – 320 km (3 hours 30 min. drive)
  • Łódź – 230 km (2 hours 45 min. drive)
  • Poznań – 310 km (3 hours 30 min drive)
  • Gdańsk – 550 km (5 hours drive)

Thanks to the location in the south of Poland, close to the border with the Czech Republic the place is also well connected with other countries of Central Europe. Within the distance of about 500 km there are five capitals, which are at the same time, large industrial, scientific and cultural centres:

  •  Berlin – 460 km (4 hours drive
  • Praga – 480 km (4 hours 15 min. drive)
  • Bratysława – 400 km (3 hours 30 min. drive)
  • Wiedeń – 400 km (3 hours 45 min. drive)
  • Budapeszt – 520 km (5 hours 30 min. drive)
  • Brno – 270 km (2 hours 15 min. drive)
  • Ostrawa – 115 km (1 hour drive)

Olszowa is also very well connected with three international airports in Poland - Krakow Balice, Katowice Pyrzowice, Wrocław, and also with big airports in Warsaw, Berlin, and Vienna. The largest continental airport in Frankfurt is 830 km drive exclusively on a highway, which takes about 7.5 hours.

What is quite exceptional from the investment point of view, it is also possible to use water transport. Olszowa is just 10 km away from the town of Ujazd, located upon the Gliwice Canal. This enables the transport of goods by waterway, in the direction of Wroclaw and Szczecin at the Baltic Sea.

‘Olszowa success fields’ is located in the distance of merely 38km away from one of the largest cities of the Upper-Silesian Conurbation, i.e., Gliwice. It takes 25 minutes to get there by A4 motorway. Located in Gliwice, there is Subzone of Katowice Special Economic Zone of approximately 981ha.

The area of ‘Olszowa success fields’ is situated between two motorway exits – ‘Olszowa’ and ‘Nogowczyce’. These are exits which are located in the closest mutual proximity along the entire length of A4 motorway.

Nearby, there are three industrial and manufacturing facilities of supralocal significance, i.e., magnesium foundry, Polmag, production plant, Haba-Beton and a chair manufacturer, Qualichairs. There is also a logistics unit of FM Logistic.

Additionally, the attraction of the region is a miniature park and an agritourist centre.  

The area of ‘Olszowa success fields’ is situated between two motorway exits – ‘Olszowa’ and ‘Nogowczyce’.

These are exits which are located in the closest mutual proximity along the entire length of A4 motorway.