Investment plots situated next to A-4 motorway Olszowa junction near Gliwice are located within the boundaries of a partly urban and partly rural commune of Ujazd (Ujest) in Upper Silesia.

Ujazd town is situated within a picturesque area on Gliwice Canal and on the Kłodnica river. The town and its surroundings are abundant in historical monuments and tourist attractions. The settlement dates back to the year 1155. Ujazd received town privileges on 25th May 1223. Until 1525 the town was the property of Wrocław bishops. In those times and up till the 17th century, it was a significant local crafts centre and a commercial transit point. In 1861 the title of Ujazd counts (Herzogen von Ujest) was awarded to Hugo I Furst zu Hohenlohe, one of the wealthiest people in Germany at the time.  

At the time of nazi rule in Germany ( 1933-1945) the name of the town was changed to Bishofstal. As a result of warfare in 1945, the town was destroyed in 70 %.

At present, due to its location and easy access to fast international junctions as well as efficient management, Ujazd town is at its prime again.